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I Want To Take My Blog To the Next Level

One would think that after blogging for a little over 8 years, I should be content with what I’ve got. But one of the things, you might not know about bloggers is that we’re always finding something that we want to improve or change.

Bloggers can be obsessed with a lot of things.

Blog templates or themes – That’s a huge obsession with me. I have to have just the right theme and keep changing themes and widgets and shifting around things as I go. That I’ve actually stuck to this theme – Lifestyle Theme from Studio Press – for over a year, is an achievement for me.  Ha! But I cheat, I play around with widgets instead or my other blog that seems to have a new theme a week (just got a new one today!).

Our social media counts – Who followed us, who didn’t – who ‘liked’ our posts, who didn’t, who shares our posts, who won’t. And with Facebook constantly changing how our shares are viewed, we’re always wondering should we share on our personal pages or have a blog page; should we use images or links. Once I remember, we were told to ‘like’ our own links to have them show up on everyone’s time (or some such madness!).

Other bloggers – Oh yes! That’s a big one. The grass is always greener and so are we when we start comparing ourselves to other bloggers. It gets worse when they start flouting their numbers and earnings in our face. If I wrote a book on all the stuff that bloggers say and do, two things might happen – a. it will be a best seller and b. I’d get sued for selling out on the tribe.

You’re welcome to add your thoughts on our obssessions in the comments. 😉

Oh dear, how could I forget this obsession – the number of comments our posts gets as compared to Blogger A or C!


So what do I mean when I say that I want to take my blog to the next level?

  1. I want to understand Google analytics better
  2. I want to have clearer blogging goals
  3. I want to let go of the obsessions I mentioned and bring more focus to my content
  4. I want to be part of bloggers who truly support and encourage each other. I think I’ve found one, but I still have to work on this much more.
  5. I want to monetize my blog in a more effective way.
  6. Most of all I want to be true to the blogging basics I believe in.


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