I’m not cheese – age doesn’t seem to matter to me! 😉

Sometime ago I bumped in to a whole of people who I knew about 20 years back. They were all much younger than me and truth be told, looked ancient! I turned to a friend who’s about my age and said “Is it my imagination or do they look old?” And he said: “Oh yes, they look older than us!” We had a good laugh about that – because even if it wasn’t true, it made us feel good!

I often wonder why many people have such a problem accepting and revealing their age. I see loads of older men and women with jet black hair and jowls hanging up to their knees!! Okay, I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea.

I’m going to be 48 this year – I can’t believe that I’ve reached middle age and am so close to 50. I may look it, but I certainly don’t feel it. I have loads of grey hair, have had cataract surgeries, wear spectacles, have creaking bones (!!) and some of my school mates have kids who are married but I still feel like I’ve got my whole life stretching in front of me.

My parents are 87 and 85 and I laugh when they refer to someone younger than them as ‘that old man/ woman’, little realizing their own age.

I’m sure a lot of you out there feel that you are much younger (or older) than you really are.

Is age a state of mind you think? And if so, what’s your ‘real’ age and the age in your head?


PS: This was published a while back as a guest post in a blog that has since closed down. If you’re thinking of shutting down your blog, ask me to do a guest post! 😉