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  1. Irene

    Thank you for the interview and the opportunity for Arvind to share his wisdom. I learned a lot from him today. :-)

  2. Janaki Nagaraj says:

    Thanks Corinne…very inspiring.

  3. Martha Orlando

    A wonderful interview, Corinne.  So inspiring!  Blessings to you!

  4. Debbie M. says:

    Very inspiring interview, I agree why be bothered with the little things. I’ve always taught my children and tried to pass along to my friends and family this ” pick your battles and decide which ones are worth your time and effort” an email or un-returned phone call aren’t worth it. 

    Children do love unconditionally, I remember when I was teaching preschool how much love my class gave. 

    Wonderful interview, thank you both for reminding these points. 

    • Debbie, as you get clear about what’s really important – but maybe one doesn’t need to “pick any battles”. Life is what it is and sometimes even by seeing something as a “battle” makes it more entrenched and harder to deal with.

      So just go with the flow – like children do:-)

  5. Thank you for showcasing a delightful individual… I agree why sweat the small stuff!

  6. “Easiest way to make a difference is SMILE”……. lets not forget to smile unconditional. The interview was inspiring and thoughtful. thanks for sharing Corinne.

    • Ansh, indeed we must smile unconditionally. People can always tell when our smile is forced and fake. Worst is to smirk!

      Glad you found the interview inspiring. Now just remember to apply some of the things we discussed – and of course keep smiling :-)

  7. motivatedd says:

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  8. Sulekha

    Thank you Corinne and Arvind for this wonderful and inspiring interview. I too believe in trying to do good, but so many people have forgotten how to smile back at those trying to spread positivity and joy :) Am heading over to your site now…

    •  Sulekha, thanks for your kind words.  As long as you keep smiling, doesn’t matter about the rest :-)

      All the best…

  9. This is really interesting and inspirational! Thank you for sharing it with us Corinne

  10. I am going to go check Arvind out right now! Sounds like a kindred spirit!

  11. —Arvind,
      This is precisly  why the “”blogging platform”” is abundantly important & imperative….

    For people like you to tell us your story…

    Thank you for a superb interview.  :))) 

    • Arvind Devalia says:

       Kim, thank YOU :-).

      Yes, this is the power of blogging – we all get to connect and make the world a better place together.

  12. Rimly Bezbaruah

    Thank you for introducing us to Arvind. It was a very inspiring interview, Corinne. You asked the right questions and got a very good informative replies.

  13. good , glad to know arvind.  inspiring  and I loved the lines FOR I beleive in them with all my heart do to others what you want them to do to you ..

    if only everyone did world will be a beautiful place to live in


  14. melissatandoc

    It created very positive energy within me. These are healthy conversations from which we could all pick out wisdom and audacity.

    Thanks for sharing this person with us Corinne ~ you both are beautiful souls.

  15.  Kriti, glad you found the interview interesting and inspirational :-)

  16. Arvind Devalia says:

     Bikram, glad to know you too.

    I loved your post about how many dogs it would take to change a light bulb :-)

  17. The little things always get in the way of loving and caring. It just is all so unnecessary when you truly think about it. Picking your battles is how I explain it to young mothers with their toddlers. It is much more important that your child plays well with other children than it is for him to keep his face clean while doing so. Mine were always dirty when playing. I truly believe the things you were saying very inspirational thank you Corrine for the wonderful interview  and thank you Arvind for sharing your wisdom.

    • Arvind Devalia says:

       Jan, thanks for your positive feedback. Yes, forget the little things and focus on what’s really important in life – such as allowing your children to be and blossom in their own beautiful way:-).

  18. Inspiring Citizen Rafi

    What makes this interview special is the honesty in which Arvind has answered his questions and the manner in which Corrine has asked open ended questions.

    I have learned the art of questioning from this interview…

    I wish people go to archives and read all posts to get the full essence of your blog..

    Inspiring Citizen Rafi
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