He’s an author, a blogger, a life coach and an inspirational speaker – he’s Arvind Devalia of Make It Happen. I’m so happy to have him sharing his views on living an inspired life today.


Arvind, I understand that you used to work in the corporate world. How did ‘Make It Happen’ happen?

Corinne, firstly thanks so much for your kind invitation to share my work with your readers. Much appreciated.

My work in the corporate world seems like a life time ago! Just over 10 years ago, I experienced some major life changes which ended up with me in South India at this charity school in Pondicherry, called Nirvana School. There I experienced unconditional love for the first time – and that changed my life forever. After that, there was no going back to the corporate world!

A few months later, I discovered the world of life coaching and I manifested a weekly writing column for my local paper. That ultimately led me to write and publish 3 books and launch my blog – Make It Happen.

What is your motivation to keep writing and working with people?

Since that first experience of unconditional love in India, my life has never been the same again – and I feel I still have so much more to do and offer the world.

I really do believe that we all want to create a lasting legacy for the world and we have an inherent need to help others and make a difference. I want to inspire more people to do exactly this and at the same time have some fun and improve their lives.

Arvind, I’m quoting a line from a recent post of yours, where you say: What’s becoming clear to me is this – the moment you commit to a bigger game, the small things in your life just drop away. What is the big thing that you are committed to for now?

Yes, once you commit to a bigger game, any petty or niggly things in your life become less important. For example, does it really matter if someone cuts you up in the traffic on your way to work?

The big thing I am committed to right now is to get my message out there big time – this means writing much more and also sharing my work both online and offline. I am really inspired to do a lot more live talks this year – and my intention is to publish a lot more e-books on Kindle.

So, what are the small things you found yourself letting go off?

Hmmm. Where would you like me to start!?

When I went through my major life changes 10 years ago, I somehow let go of being angry and impatient. Suddenly I became very cool and calm. It was the realization of what was really important in my life that transformed me overnight.

Now I don’t get bothered if I am stuck in traffic, or if someone fails to reply to a phone message or email. Life is really much more than an endless round of emails and trying to get ahead of others!

Another not so small thing I have let go is that I am no longer a perfectionist! I allow things to just be, and instead I strive for excellence and completion.

Arvind, I know you feel strongly about Personal Social Responsibility. Can you share what that is and how you live it out in your life?

Indeed, I am very passionate about Personal Social Responsibility – I even wrote a book about it. Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) is all about doing to others what you would like others do to you. It is about recognizing how your behaviour affects others, and holding yourself accountable for your actions. For example, compare someone being well mannered with someone being rude.

Ideally a PSR aware person – a. Will always endeavor to have a positive effect on others. b. Will have a mind-set to contribute. c. Will refrain from causing negativity in his or her environment e.g. by throwing litter on the ground, or by gossiping and c. His or her social and economic activities will have a positive or neutral impact on the environment.

So a socially responsible person will endeavour to have a positive effect on others and enrich his environment. He or she will strive to make a positive contribution, and will not pollute the atmosphere, both physically and metaphorically. This is exactly how I bring PSR into my own life – everything I do has the intention of making a positive contribution to others in some way or another.

What is the most gratifying aspect of blogging for you?

The best thing about blogging has been the many friends like you that I have made around the world. It’s amazing how through our blogs we get to know each other intimately and how we can join forces to inspire, educate and make a difference to others.

At the same time, I am always learning from other bloggers and getting inspired myself.

Of course blogging gives me the perfect platform to share and spread my own unique message. We all have a unique message and I am fortunate that I have connected and become friends with so many unique and authentic bloggers around the world.

Finally, Arvind, what advice would you give to someone who wants to leave a legacy through her/his life, but doesn’t know where to start?

To create your own legacy, you simply start from wherever you are now!

Note that I used the word “create” and not “leave” when I talk about a legacy. It is indeed something you create in your lifetime and not just something you leave behind. It is better to be part of the legacy you are creating in your own lifetime.

So start locally and seek out ways of making a difference to your local community – it can be as simple as picking up the rubbish on your road and inspiring others to do the same.

It can be as simply about being the best father, mother, son, daughter, brother and so on. Never ever underestimate the impact you can have on your loved ones just by your loving presence.

Of course, if you are so inspired, then you can also start your own blog and share your unique wisdom with the world.

And the best and easiest way of making a difference to someone – SMILE!

Thank you so much, Arvind for sharing your wisdom here today.

Thanks again Corinne for giving me this space to share with your world. I wish you and your readers a wonderful and fulfilling life, a fun life of making a difference and creating a lasting legacy.

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May you be inspired – every day!