His was one of the first websites in the Personal Development genre that I visited when I first started blogging. His website, The Jungle of Life, was impressive in every way – it looked wonderful, the content was very authentic and inspiring and most of all he had the ability to create his own community of writers and commentators on his website.

Four years in to blogging, I’m so happy to be able to interview for Everyday Gyaan Lance Ekum, a person I looked up to as a new blogger and someone I continue to admire for his authenticity.

Industrial Engineering to Life Coaching how did that happen, Lance?

First off, thanks so much, Corinne, for having me here on your site. It’s an honor to be here, and to share with you and your wonderful readers.

Coming out of high school, I had a strong sense that I wanted to study engineering. At the time, it was a really good fit – as it was something that both challenged me and played on my strengths. After graduating from college, I became employed by a company that was very involved in technology – which led me away from my Industrial Engineering degree, and more down the path of computers and their workings.

That has all been good – and continues to be. The thing is, though, that there was a deeper part of me that was not being fully expressed. In fact, from taking various tests – I have come to find out that my stronger areas are in the along the lines of “intuition” and “feeling”. These are very much not typical for an engineer (or someone working in the information technology field).

So, I suppose it’s been a journey to get to where I am today. And it’s a journey that continues – as I continue to understand “me” more fully.

As you have noted, there is this area of “life coaching” that I have pursued, as well – most recently through the work I’ve done at the Jungle of Life. What I’ve found, though, is that this – while very much adding meaning to my life – is not a core strength for me. I have just recently scaled back the life coaching work I’ve been doing – and am once again evaluating “me” at a deeper level.

I’m okay with all of this, though. I’m right where I’m supposed to be, and life is continuing to unfold for me. What that next chapter looks like is beginning to be written…

I love your ‘family tree’ on your website. I shows how important your family is to you. How do you balance your work and family life?

Family is definitely an important part of my life – and my family definitely keeps me busy! Balance…it’s an interesting thing – because when I think balance I everything kind of “balancing out” most of the time. And in reality – it’s not like that for me. Some days – family activities can take all my time, sometimes work activities play a bigger role, sometimes I become completely focused on the Jungle of Life and its readership, etc. So for me – it’s about harmony – and I maintaining what feels like “harmony” in my life (and in what matters in my life).

The truth is – sometimes I do well at it, and other times I drop the ball. I guess, though, when I do drop the ball – it’s about recognizing that and then working to be more cognizant of what really matters in my life.

Again…all part of that journey…

You say life is an adventure. What would be the biggest adventure you’ve undertaken, Lance?

This is a difficult one to answer, Corinne!  See – I could look at some of the individual life adventures I’ve been on – many of which have felt “big”. The thing is, though – some of these have just been a one-time event (although I am changed because of each of these).

So, the biggest adventure is probably the adventure of creating a family. From marrying my wife, to the birth and raising of our three kids – and all the life experiences we’ve had together (and moments that we have amongst all those years) – the adventure of creating a family has been pretty spectacular. Each day is something new – sometimes challenging, often filled with joy, and always surrounded by love…

The economy is not doing too well and things are difficult at present. What keeps you inspired and motivated?

I’ve been fortunate to have not been too adversely affected by the general state of the economy. Still, I like to look at everything with a “glass half full” approach. I really do believe that there’s a silver lining in our life – always. Maybe we have experienced something terrible, or we’ve lost a job, or whatever. Still – the power of the human spirit, at its finest, is so amazing. And that IS within each of us…

I really try to hold that focus – that we are amazing, amazing souls…each of us. And in that, life is amazing…

What would you say is the USP of the Life Directions Coaching you offer?

As I have stated above – I am taking a step back from the Life Directions Coaching. And I’m doing this because I really was not fully vested in what that USP was – what it was that I really offered (and how I connected with that).

So, thank you for asking me about this – and in that, helping me to take that step out and say – at this moment, this is not the place I want to be in.

Maybe someday I’ll revisit life coaching as a service. For now, though, I’m happy just using the Jungle of Life to be a place of inspiration and guidance – and to help guide people, should they need that, to other resources that can help them on their own journey.

Thank you so much, Lance – and not just for this interview.

Corinne, thank you, again, for having me here. While I hope that your readers get something from this – know that it has been most beneficial for me to let these questions (and their answers) ruminate in my soul.

So my dear readers, please head over to The Jungle of Life and get to know Lance better. 

May you be inspired – every day!