‘I’ for ‘I have no ideas’? ย Certainly not!

i have no ideas


‘I’ is for Inspiration For Blogging Content

There is no dearth of inspiration for blogging, but there are times when we do get stuck wondering what to blog about.ย I thought I’d put together a few sources where a blogger can find interesting subjects to blog about both online and offline.

1. Search and Social Trends

  • Topsy ย (since closed)- this site enables you to add a keyword and get the top tweets and topics trending on this subject.
  • Alltopย – this aggregates leading posts on various topics. So you can search for top posts within your niche or any ideas that appeal to you.
  • Google Trendsย – tells you what people have been searching for. Find a search that interests you and write your own thoughts on it. One top search in India at the moment is on Jashodabhen – the wife (or not) of the BJP Leader who has in the past claimed to be single.

2. Magazines, newspapers, TV, movies and songs – These are all great sources of content ideas. Magazines and newspapers reflect what’s making news and current trends. Television serials, movies and songs are great because you can blog about what’s current, or bring something out from long ago and do a sentimental post about it.

4. Books and quotes – I love reading and any blogger worth her salt, should too. There are loads of ideas out there in the books we read. Quote from them, write about them, put a new spin on them.

Most of us love quotes. Although, I know of at least one man who doesn’t – my husband. But I know a good quote can set you off on a whole blog post. I collect quotes of famous people like they’re going out of fashion. And if I really admire the person, they get a whole post dedicated to them and what they’re saying. Like, Wisdom From Iyanla Vanzant.

5. Forums – There are a lot of blogging forums out there where you could also find like-minded people who can give your ideas when you are stuck. There are some good blogging groups on Facebook, and I do love BlogCatalog where you can start a discussion and gather opinions – all fodder for your posts.

6. Writing prompts and challenges ย – There are plenty of places where you can find regular writing prompts and blogging challenges that can set off your creativity. I’m happy to say that Write Tribe is one such place. Shelley Mona sweetly wrote a post about it today – Incredibly Inspiring, she called it. Thank you, you made my day! ๐Ÿ™‚

7. Your blogย – ‘Huh?’ you say? ย Yes, indeed. Set up anย analytics software that lets you know which of your posts are popular and lets you know what searches brought people to your blog. ย So you know what you’ve done right and do more of it. Also, think of your ‘best readers’ – people who are regulars on your blog. Think of what they like to read and write for them.

8. Your own lifeย – While all the of the above sources are online – the greatest source for blogging content is your own life. Our own experiences – because they’re personal, ย help us connect with your readers. I do that very often and I find that even the struggles I write about resonate with others. Then there’s always food, travel, holidays and experiences with Nature that we can blog about.

inspiration for blogging

Things you can do to make it easier for you to find quick ideas:

a. Maintain a file – online or offline – of all the ideas that occur to you, as and when they do. If have plenty of little notes in a folder marked ‘fodder’.

b.Note down resources – names of books, articles, songs etc. If they’re online bookmark the pages.

c. Discuss your ideas with someone else, preferably someone who knows you well and is a regular reader of your blog.

d. Always, always write from your heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

Share ways you find ideas for your blog posts.


PS: ย ย There are plenty of resources out there, if only we are prepared to ‘listen’. Read this guest post by Tony Teegarden on Kikolani: Finding Your Blogging Inspiration In 3 Easy Steps.

On a slightly different note, read this from Darren Rowse of ProBlogger: ย How to Keep Inspired When Blogging Gets Tough.


This post is written for the letter ‘ I’ for the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014.