Reading Edward De Bono’s booklet Intelligence Is Not Enough today, I was struck with two sentences from it:

Intelligence is something we are born with. Thinking is a skill that must be learned.


Intelligence demands the intelligent use of intelligence.

He stresses that having a high IQ is not enough – our ability to look at things from a different perspective and seek out creative solutions to problems is what makes all the difference.

Intelligence Is Not Enough

When I was training, I loved telling this story about creative thinking which I remember reading somewhere.

Test engineers at a aerospace company were testing the effect  of bird-strikes on the windshields of military planes. They built a powerful gun to simulate the effect of a bird colliding with an aircraft flying at high speed. The gun fired dead chickens at the windshields. Using this method, they successfully proved that the windshields could withstand  bird-strikes. This experiment was widely published in the industry press.

In another part of the world, engineers were asked to test the effect of bird-strikes on the windshields of high speed trains. Having read of the success of the of the aerospace engineers, they requested and received specifications of the gun and the method of testing.  However, the results were terrible – every single windshield they tested was smashed to pieces.

Once again the train engineers contacted the aerospace engineers, giving them details of their tests and asking for advice.

They received this brief response from the aero-engineers: ‘Defrost the chickens…’

I would love to hear if you think intelligence is not enough and why you feel so.