Is Your Desk Destroying Your Productivity?

I thought it was me. Turns out it’s my desk. Is your desk destroying your productivity too?

I’m supposed to be writing – but I’m not doing that. I’m surfing the net and staring at various inane sites. Yes, staring – not even reading. Does that happen to you sometimes? How do you handle low productivity and wasted hours?

Here’s an infographic I found that might help.

Is Your Desk Destroying Your Productivity?


Piles of paper and inactivity is what kills my productivity? What are your productivity-killers?





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15 thoughts on “Is Your Desk Destroying Your Productivity?

  1. It’s actually those blasted zombies making their way to my brain LOL!

    Oh I happen to do that and to top it all ~ I also like watching movies…geez! All these free hours… but now I’m happy reading and catching up on blogs I missed… 😛

  2. Reminded me of the quote , “If an uncluttered desk is the sign of an uncluttered mind, what is an empty desk the sign of?” 🙂

  3. I hate a cluttered desk. I have always tried to keep minimum things on my desk. Everything goes into my drawer. Nice post, Corinne

  4. I dont have a desk at home, which is a huge problem. All my things are in a bag and I move around. At work my desk is clear and orderly and thus I get much more done there. 🙂 love the graphic!

  5. OMG Corinne! You just reminded me what my husband has been telling me for some time now. There are times even when I literally have to set the alarm clock to remember to stand up, go for a run, walk or do something else. I know it’s taking away the creative juices which I so need to do my work but it just really takes so much time. But as my husband tells me, “one step backward is really two steps forward.”

  6. Stacks of paper..I never clutter my distraction would be clock..I have the bad habit of looking at the time through out the day..I worry that time is up, time is up and never do what I am really supposed to.

  7. Oh, those papers! They reproduce during the night! When I get them cleaned off, as they are now, I love my desk! And yes, the computer. I’ve learned to just close the top and put it aside. Great points!

  8. I find myself drifting off in to the trees and sky that I see outside my windows, but my bigest distraction is named Tristyn and of course that will take a few years to change…lol I don’t have toys or piles of papers because he takes everything within reach. It is okay though,trees and Tris are great distractions really.

  9. No! I don’t always sit at my desk when I write, more often that not, I am in a chain in the den or on my bed. When I am sitting at my desk, usually on the weekends, I ‘ve dusted and organized. The only thing that keeps me from writing is a book or a movie.

  10. This is so true…esp the long hours of sitting !!! I get up and start doing my other chores, then automatically I get a clear idea of the words that need to go into my post !!!

  11. I am guilty of doing that mindless surfing from time to time, or playing solitaire on the computer. What makes me focus, though, are the deadlines I set for myself. I guess I got into that habit when writing daily devotions and have now gotten to where I can lay distractions aside when there is something important that has to get done.
    This is great advice for all of us, though, and I enjoyed the illustration, too. 🙂
    Blessings, Corinne!

  12. 🙂

    Perhaps I cannot comment on this as I barely use my computer for writing… I am pretty old fashioned and use a diary to scribble my thoughts. Then I patiently type it out first on word, checking for any errors and then post in blog with relevant pictures.I use computers for reading beautiful blogs (like this one :)) commenting, checking out on fellow bloggers activity and all. Mostly coz my job makes me sit in front of the PC for almost 8-9 hours a day and it is tedious to do the same back home too. Though I take regular breaks to avoid triggering my cervical pain, it still gets irritating sometimes!!

  13. This is true corinne, I find so much time goes in just checking emails, and clearing all those unwanted stuff, to keep the in box, so that important information is not missed out.

    About the desk, I need to be sorting every now and then, others the papers just fills the table. I just started clearing up so much papers for filing….. and bringing in some order in the files at work.

    At home there is another story between me and my daughter in putting all the reading materials together, I just started sorting out mine.

    Some of the inspiring books that I kept for reading and re reading at my desk, has become a little dusty, I am removing them to take only when i want to.
    I take regular breaks to drink some water and continue my work.
    Thanks for sharing !

  14. I can so well relate to this Corinne!

    It happens sometimes when we are really staring at the screen and the mind’s just a blank. But I am glad it doesn’t happen that often with me, though there surely are a few unproductive hours in my day too. I guess it’s mainly when I am overworked or drained out and not really fresh. I know it’s me and not my desk in my case, because I really cannot work if my surroundings aren’t clear first. 🙂

    I guess it’s always been like that right from the time I was a child, and many a times my Mom would get angry with me for being so extra careful. My desk has to be totally clutter free before I really start working – no papers, no clocks except for a normal one on the wall. And yes, I agree with the sitting for long hours, which is one thing I am working on too. I keep getting up more frequently now for catching up with chores at home, so that part is being done.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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