The time will come, Corinne, and it will be sooner rather than later, when your greatest admirers and protégés will look at your life – your achievements, possessions (especially your book published), and passions – frown a little and sullenly say, “Yeah, but for you… it was easy.” At which point you should conceal any yearning you may possess to either object or laugh hysterically. Instead, lovingly look them square in the eye and say, “Yes, and it can be easy for you, too.”

Get used to it,
    The Universe

That’s the message I received today in my inbox from the Universe, via Mike Dooley, of course. My friend Parth will tell me that he got the exact same thing today – but who cares, it has my name on it doesn’t it?

I can be cyncical about this message, but I want to believe it (especially the part about the book being published) and I do.
And the part about it being easy, I believe that too. Because it is…once I discovered that I can plug in to the Source, things do seem easy. I see myself moving, almost effortlessly towards my dreams. Not that everything has been going according to my plan, but I know that everything is going according to THE PLAN. And the more I accept that, the more easy it becomes. 
 What if we just acted like everything was easy?
– Mary Anne Radmacher

It is not what actually happens to you, but how you begin to process things that happen that makes it easy. 
And yes, it can be easy for you too, once you believe that everything that happens to you is good.

May you be inspired – everyday!