It stinks! What does?
Let me bring an image to your mind or rather a  smell  to your nose. The smell of rotting garbage. You have been too lazy to clear the garbage bin – so stuff keeps getting added and the older stuff gets pushed to the bottom – out of sight. But soon, it begins to rot and stink….and you can’t hide it any more.
Yuck,  you say? But that’s exactly what we do with some of our memories.


Yes, things happened to us that we don’t remember- or more correctly, we don’t want to remember. Why would we not want to remember? Because it’s just too painful and we feel it’s better forgotten. So we push it back out of out of sight or so we think!
The more painful the memory the deeper we want to push it back. But just as the we can’t keep garbage pressed down for a long time…so too we can’t keep these repressed memories forever. No, they begin to impact on our behavior. We begin acting based on a script written way back in our past.

I spent a while the other day trying to recall things that I had ‘forgotten’ – they were not pretty and I was resisting thinking about them….But I do realize that there were things in my past that was making me behave a certain way today. In other words there was some garbage that I hadn’t cleared and it was starting to stink. Now that I’ve realized this, I need to re-write the script. It’s not as easy as I make it sound…but I’ll work on it.Are there some memories in your past too that you’re trying to ‘forget’? Do you find some of your reactions to certain situations/ people unreasonable? Is it time to clear out the ‘garbage’ in your mind?

May you be inspired – everyday!

This is was what set me off on this topic – reading the stories of victims of child abuse at this blog. Please visit this blog for more information on how you can make the world a safer place for children.