When Corinne asked me to do a guest postfor her, I was quite elated, alarmed and surprised. Elated because I was askedto do a guest post, alarmed because I didn’t know what I should write andfinally, surprised because she chose me. Why did she choose me? Well, thosewere my initial responses. Now, to the topic of my post.

Bloggers who have known me and are familiarwith my comments would notice that I sign my name with “Joy always.” What mademe adopt these two words ‘joy’ and ‘always?” Well, there is a wee story behindeverything and here is mine. Mid-2008 I began communicating with Alan Drengson,a deep ecologist. A deep ecologist is someone who follows the philosophy ofDeep Ecology, a concept formulated by the Norwegian philosopher, Arne Naess.This principle believes that every organism has an intrinsic value that shouldbe respected and valued.

Drengson was an epitome of love, peace and calm. Hismails were always suffused with words that soothed me mentally and physically.His mails were always signed with phrases such as: “Mountains of joy,” “Riversof compassion,” and “Joy in the circle of life.” Towards the end of 2008, I wasalso undergoing a period of pain and restlessness and when I received hismails, the signature was something that stayed long with me. The forests of joyand peace resonated within me. I was learning to heal myself with the joyspassed through his mail. Deeply touched by this signature, I changed mysignature from “Best wishes” and “Love” to that of “Joy Always.”

When I signed with the words, “Joy always,”I truly meant that joy should always resonate and fill every person who comesin touch with me. I don’t know whether my signature has touched chords withmany but some individuals have responded warmly to the “Joy always” signature.Those days of 2008 and 2009 are etched strong in my mind. I would completereading Alan’s mail and hurry to take in the joy that he spread. I embraced thewarmth that he was sharing with me, without any doubt. Never for a second did Ithink that his signature was just another style factor. I felt that what hetruly wished was reflected his way of signing off his mails.

Signing, using the words, “Love” was verypersonal and did not fit everyone that I crossed my paths with. But the words“Joy always” could be used with everyone. In a busy day when a blogger, friendor colleague reads my comment and finds “Joy always” at the end of the comment/mail,I would like the individual to pause and take in the joy. She/he shouldn’t stopthere but also be an instrument to spread that joy to someone else who isdeprived and hungry for joy.

What is in a word, or two words, you maythink. You may wonder, “Does my signature have any value/purpose at all?” “Willsomeone actually pause and savour the signature?” Well, you may be surprised,but positive, kind and gentle words always reach someone who might be needy ofthose words.  Every single word mattersand that invaluable lesson was taught to me by Drengson. Long after his mailswere read and finished with, his signature lingered on inmy heart and mind.

Have you thought about your signature andwhat it would come to mean? If not, you could spend a minute or two dwelling onthat today. 
A warm welcome to my guest blogger today – the warm, caring and very intelligent, Susan Deborah. Susan’s blog, Meanderings and Reflections is great reflection of her personality. Thank you, Susan for sharing here and hope you’ll be back soon with more. 
Please hop over to Susan’s blog and participate in the conversations she always manages to generate.  You will find that like her, it radiates  joy always!

May you be inspired – everyday!