This morning the earth shook – literally! We experienced a minor tremor in Mumbai. What was the first thing I did? I rushed to change out of my pajamas – just in case we had to run out of our apartment. I was certainly not going to be running down the street in my night clothes!

Laughing at myself, I began to think about all the just-in-case things I do. I always go to the toilet just before leaving the house. I have a sip of water just before leaving home. My pencil case has a scissors, a stapler, staple pins, two erasers, four pens, five pencils…..just in case! Not to mention the emergency supply of toiletries in my handbag.

When I was working, my colleague would always tease me about my handbag – it was full of just-in-case stuff….needle and thread, safety pins, marker pens (I had a training company). He’d sometimes say to me: ‘I’m feeling hungry, do you have a burger in there?’

From Harold's Planet

When I’m travelling, the just-in-case list gets bigger and bigger – much to my husband’s amusement. However, when we do have to use some ’emergency’ supply of mosquito repellent or stitch on a button – then I have the last laugh.

I’d love to hear what just-in-case things you do or carry around?

May you be inspired – every day!