My parents tell me that when I was less than three years old, I would wander around the garden with a little basket in hand saying that I was going to the market to buy ‘Atto pork’ (tomatoes and pork for the ignorant! ) for my husband who was in Goa. I’m not sure how I conceived this story but my brothers always teased me about ‘my husband in Goa’.

As I grew older my ambitions for life consisted of being a wife and a mom. So it seemed rather strange that I eventually became a wife only at 41 after going through a lot of other career options πŸ˜‰ There were times I despaired about finding the right person. Now I’m certain the right person came in to my life at the right time. (Was it a coincidence that we got married in Goa?)

There are many more instances in my life of things happening at ‘the appointed time’ – just when I needed them to happen.


The Bible, originally written in Greek used two words to describe time: chronos and kairos. Chronos, from which the word chronological is derived transalates in to time – days, hours, minutes. Kairos means Β ‘in nature’s time’ or ‘in due time’. Β In other words, it was believed that Β kairosΒ was the appointed time.

I wonder what if we stopped being chronos-people – no longer ruled merely by the days and hours? Instead, if we became Kairos-people we would believe that everything that takes place in Β life, happens for a purpose and at the right time.

Of late, I’m convinced that the more we look at every moment of our lives as Kairos – the happier and more blessed we will be.

Do you believe in kairos too?

May you be inspired – every day!