“Some things will always be stronger
than time and distance.
Deeper than languages and ways.
Like following your dreams,
and learning to be yourself.
Sharing with others
the magic you have found. . . . “

~ Sergio Bambaren – The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer

I was overwhelmed by the response to my previous post. Sumit’s response in his post ‘Ecstacy’ was enough to make it all worthwhile. Then came loads of comments which really touched my heart – thank you.

José, my husband, has been telling me all along that I write best when share from my personal experiences. Sometimes I don’t take his ‘gyaan’ seriously enough. My mistake! I’ve decided that if I really want to become a good writer I need to keep it real. I need to let you in to my world and tell you about things that really touch me to the core, not add my two cents worth to someone else’s wisdom! A lesson that I have learnt a little late but I’m hoping that it stays learnt!

I’m setting out to sail this boat of mine in fresh waters…..wish me luck! I promise to be back here – and soon – first of all to respond to each of your very heartening comments and then to write from the heart!

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