The village had been hit by a severe drought. No rain for the last three years, left no crops, parched tracts of land and drooping trees. A bed of dry clay was all that was left of the stream that ran around the edge of the village. The birds had left and now only the vultures remained – circling around as the carcasses of the dead animals.

The people were starved, depending on the measly rations that came their way via international charities.

At the village meeting, it was decided that there was no way out except to beseech God. The village population comprised of people of various faiths. After much arguing about the venue for the prayer, the villagers decided to meet in an open field that night to pray.

As they gathered together, a little girl pushed forward into the crowd, holding an open umbrella above her head. She got curious looks from the villagers. Then curiousity turned to anger when she inadvertantly poked them with the spokes of the umbrella.

Finally a cranky old woman spoke out to the child: “What are you doing? Can’t you see we’ve gathered here under the stars to pray for rain? How silly of you to keep your umbrella open!”

The child responded sweetly: “I know that, Aunty. I believe that God answers all our prayers. Since we’re all praying for rain, I brought my umbrella and left it open!”

Story adapted from The Child who Brought an Open Umbrella for Prayer Professor Nazeer Ahmed

We often make fear-driven choices about our education, our careers, our relationships. This story was for me a reminder that we must live in hope. Dream big and hope much today.

May your choices reflect your hopes. Not your fears – Nelson Mandela

choices reflect your hopes

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• Reflect on the following quote: May your choices reflect your hopes. Not your fears – Nelson Mandela

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