I connected with Tara Schiller via the #FridayReflections group. When I read her post announcing that her book was published, I quickly put my hands up to spread the word about it. This was because Tara’s writing on her blog resonated with me and also I believe in supporting bloggers who self-publish their books.

Tara very graciously sent me a copy of her book and it’s my pleasure to introduce it to you today, the day it goes live on Amazon.

Living an Alive Life: It’s Time to Become the Real You!

living an alive life

Living an Alive Life is a book about falling in love with who you really are, and ditching the projection you’ve created to keep your heart safe. In this book you are taken on a journey of self discovery, as you redefine the way you see the world, take your new found discoveries and turn them into an actionable plan, and face off against the emotional obstacles standing in your way. This is no casual read, but a life changing, mind altering, jump start to a new life.

This little book is full of wisdom and packed with exercises that make the reader really introspect on her life.  It challenges you to be brave enough to ‘open the box’  that is YOU. These exercises make you re-think your  perception of yourself and start you on a journey to valuing yourself more. For example, she has a great exercise to make you rethink your notion of selfishness. Meditation, evaluation and reflective exercises are a part of the book.

Warning: Taking these exercises seriously might cause you to become more like yourself! 🙂


tara schiller


Tara Schiller embarked on a 10 year journey to find her true self through meditation, reforming relationships, redefining anything and everything about her identity that didn’t fit and wasn’t born from a place inside of her, taking risks, asking more out of life, and trying new things.

She’s moved 12 times, sold everything she owned twice, changed religious beliefs, gotten high level jobs, studied and studied and studied whatever sparked her heart, started a life coaching business, and traveled the world with her husband and kids.

She’s been married to her amazing love for 15 years, who has changed and grown right along with her, and they have four children together that they adore.

Tara’s hope for Living an Alive Life is that readers will feel a huge dose of “Permission Granted” to value themselves, spend the time to find who they are, and take the steps they need to take to start living life on purpose so they can come alive!

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Go grab your copy of Living an Alive Life: It’s Time to Become the Real You! today!