If you were around in the 1970s, you might remember this series of single frame comic strips -they were on cards, mugs, t-shirts, etc. If I remember right, in the 1980s these little characters featured in wedding invitations, backdrops and what have you. You can read more about this comic strip here.

Here are my suggestions for stuff they should have included in this strip (in no particular order of priority):
LOVE IS….when…
  • You don’t mind that I’m feeling too lazy to cook and you order a meal.
  • You encourage me to do things that I enjoy – write, read or surf the net, etc.
  • You put eye drops (despite my fussiness) six times a day.
  • You cleaned up after the dog when I was not allowed to bend.
  • You encourage me to speak my mind and back me up when I do.
  • You encourage me to pursue my ‘calling’ and pick up books for me, and suggest articles and websites I should look at.
  • You give me feedback on my writing and let me know what you liked or tell me when I could have been more detailed, explicit or creative.
  • You encourage me to take better care of my health and provide the support for me to do that.
  • You listen to my rants and long winded stories.
  • You encourage me to go out more often.
There’s a lot more of where that came from, but I’ll let ‘them’ work on these visuals first :). I wonder if you have any ideas for this strip? Let me know.

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