Gratitude is the memory of the heart ~ French Proverb 
Each of us has a heart full of memories. I said ‘heart’ because what we really remember is the things that we’ve truly experienced from the heart.
Today I want to give thanks for the gift of memories.
The memories of the good experiences that make me feel good each time I recall them. My heart is full of great memories of my childhood – of my youth – of my early adulthood and later years. I recall people and places, experiences and events, moments of success and pride, sounds and smells and textures. These memories are truly a blessing for which I am grateful.
Then there are unpleasant memories too – of being hurt, of being misunderstood, of failure, of making wrong choices, of time of real darkness and uncertainty, times of feeling that there was no way out, of tears and broken heartedness. These memories are blessings too. They help me to make better choices now – they remind me of my own strength and faith and they teach me that my life is in the hands of the Maker and I need not fear.
So today my heart remembers to be grateful for the memories.


Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ~From the television show The Wonder Years

May you be inspired – everyday!

Pictures courtesy: Deviant Art