19 January and it’s but natural that I recall Martin Luther King. I’m sure you all know of his India connection because of his great respect for Mahatma Gandhi and the non-violent movement. But today I want to focus on some words of his.

This MLK Quote really seems relevant to our times.

“Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions”


martin luther king quote

I had never read these words of his before. But just yesterday, I said to Jose that it seems everyone wants easy answers today. I was talking in the context of people who are not willing to get real enough to get to the root of problems in their relationships. Wives who don’t want to admit that they might have to take the hard route out of abusive situations. Husbands who don’t want to make the time to understand what their wives are really saying when they grumble and nag. Parents who don’t hear their children’s cry for attention and fob them off with expensive gadgets.

I see the same quest for easy answers when people ask me how to do something blog-related. I’ve learned not to provide answers, but to point them in the direction of resources. To me, there’s nothing like doing your research and learning things for yourself.

We take the easy route with our health too. We’d rather down a whole lot of pills or get surgeries done than adopt a healthier lifestyle.

I see this happening in Government and institutions and in the way we are handling the whole issue of terrorism.

I see this in religious practices where people would rather give in to superstition and easy ‘miraculous’ healings than work on true spirituality and discipleship.

I know that  I too opt for easy answers, appeasing behaviour and self-indulgence rather than hard thinking. But I’ve also learned it just doesn’t feel the same as figuring things out and taking the trouble to think things through.

I would love to hear your thoughts on MLK’s words.


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