Today I’m happy to host Swapna Thomas with her review of Money A Love Story.

I first connected with Swapna Thomas when she won an award for having the best parenting blog in India, sometime last year. In all my interactions with her since then, I’ve grown to respect her for her passion for community and women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship, her great style of writing and for being the down-to-earth and affectionate person she is.  Today, I’m so glad to be hosting her review of a book that fits in well with her philosophy of encouraging women to be in-charge of their own lives.

Thank you, Swapna! ♥



Swapna Thomas is a life coach under training and works with women entrepreneurs to help them design an incredible business and life. She truly believes that every woman deserves a life full of abundance, happiness and creativity.

Swapna is a parenting blogger who wants the message of happy moms = happy world, to reach one and all. She loves Sufi music and spends way more time daydreaming than one should.

She also coaches women entrepreneurs via phone and Skype. Visit her website, Mom Biz Cafe  for her insights on business and life. You can also connect with her on Facebook.



Money, A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want

Money cannot buy love, but it can improve your bargaining position ~ Christopher Marlowe

In the very first page of her book, author Kate Northrup clarifies how she expects many readers to be appalled about the use of money and love in the same sentence. But she also asserts that unless we understand our relationship to money we can’t really understand love.

Throughout my life the mere mention of money or finance was enough to put my mind to snooze. And yes, I did a Masters in Business Administration. Finance was always my least favourite topic and even though I was a voracious reader, I would run away from any book related to the topic of money.

But, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Just as I started taking baby steps in my entrepreneurial journey, I discovered many amazing books that taught not just the nuts and bolts of money but an important thing which was missing from most finance books – Money Mindset.

About the Author

Kate Northrup is a professional freedom seeker and creative entrepreneur. She created financial freedom for herself at the age of 28 through building a team of more than 3,000 wellness entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry. Money A love story was born out of her journey of being in debt of $20,000 and healing her money story to create financial freedom.
Even though it is not stated anywhere in the book, it is targeted towards women and rightly so because women have so much emotional charge around money and tend to give away their financial power easily.

One of the first things that struck a note with me was how she connects making money to living your spiritual life. To live a spiritual life and fulfil your purpose, you need to be present and intentional at all times. It’s much easier to be present when you don’t have static noise in your life created by all your money issues. Simple but brilliant!

You are encouraged to maintain a money journal while reading the book to complete the various exercises throughout the book. The first exercise was writing your own money story. From your first childhood memory about money, the way you related to it in your teens, the way you spent in your adulthood and everything in between. I started doing this with skepticism, feeling that I won’t have more than a page to write about but ended up writing 20 pages!

The game changer is when Kate asks the reader to first understand the lessons they have learnt in their story and then rewrite your money story, this time as the heroine of the story. Powerful stuff.

Further in the book Kate analyzes how our childhood and the people in our life play a part in forming what is called “our money memory”. Our money memories dictate our current relationship with money and how we earn or spend it. Suddenly, it becomes clear how my lack of financial attention was tied to a lack of self-love and why I feared quoting prices to my clients.

I love this quote from the book.
[Tweet ““If you can’t see your value, the world doesn’t give value back” “]

There are so many more gems in the book but to suffice here are my three key takeaways from the book.

1. Be Your Own Prince Charming – Even though we may not realize it, women often wait for someone to save them, financially. We all have our own prince charming in our money story, on whom we rely for everything related to money. For Kate, it was her mother and she decided to take back the power by listing and then developing all the qualities that were needed to become her own prince charming.

2. Start paying attention to your money – I love that Kate encourages you to take small but consistent steps towards your financial awareness. From simple steps like investing in a wallet that makes you feel abundant to the important, monthly creation of a spending plan, it’s all doable and empowering.

3. Plan for financial freedom – Kate’s true message has always been about creating financial freedom and throughout the book she stresses on how important it is to be financially free to live your life to the fullest. Creating residual, passive and recurring income is what will truly liberate you and the book encourages you to change your mindset to this end.


Money: A Love Story has a core message and that’s LOVE. To be precise, SELF-LOVE. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be smarter around their money and have a loving relationship with it. More importantly it will also help you create a more loving relationship with yourself.

~ Swapna