Monica Parker’s Getting Waisted: A Survival Guide to Being Fat in a Society That Loves Thin found me via NetGalley!  And I’m happy to do this review in exchange for reading a wonderful book.

This is a  memoir, taking readers  back to the time before she was born and seems to suggest that she was pre-destined to be fat with the various issues she faced right from the time she was born. Food, became Monica’s drug of choice as she ate her way from being a chubby baby  to a large adult, feeling neglected and alone, laughed at and becoming the butt of many fat-jokes.

As you  journey with  Monica through  her many attempts at dieting and weight loss, you cannot help laugh out loud and yet have something she says clutch at your heart. She begins each chapter  with a diet she committed to,  how much weight she lost as a result, how much money she spent on it, and self-esteem she lost in the process, and finally how she gave up on the diet.

For me, the beauty of  ‘Getting Waisted’ is its honesty and humour. To get a glimpse of Monica’s delightful style of writing, sample this:

I knew how to lose weight! I had done it over and over again. I had a gold star for losing weight and a platinum one for gaining it back: fifteen pounds lost, thirty-five found; sixty pounds lost, a hundred pounds found. Off it came and on it went like a cheesy “lights on, lights off ” Clapper, just as it does for 90-plus percent of those who lose weight. But do you ever wonder where the fat goes? Those hundreds of thousands of pounds lost every year —lost and then found. I’m no scientist but I do have a hypothesis. Fat doesn’t just disappear. These “fatoms” circle high above the hole in the ozone, just waiting for one bad hair day, one teeny emotional meltdown, a mini-rejection and WHAM! Fat always finds its way back home.

As you can see, she very skillfully weaved in the fact that many overweight people know – a lot of fat is born in one’s head – our perception of ourselves and feeling overwhelmed, stressed or depressed can cause one to overeat.

Do watch Monica Parker’s video introducing Getting Waisted and highlighting  how difficult it is to live in a Thin World!



For people, like me, who have struggled with weight issues (both real and perceived) the book is truly inspiring, because it tells us that everyone has issues, and fat is just another one. We can choose to be interesting, fun and fabulous – no matter what size we are!

This post is written for the letter ‘G’ for the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014. José and I are doing the Challenge on From 7Eight too.