More or less – that’s the theme of December’s NaBloPoMo. It seems to fit right in with my own thoughts and ideas about what I want to blog about this month.


For me, December is always a time of introspection; of looking back to look forward. In the Christian tradition, December is the season of Advent a time of waiting and preparation for the coming of the Savior. A time of ‘expectant hope’. That’s exactly how I feel as I eagerly look forward to another year – full of expectant hope at another chance to re-align my life with my principles.

At the start of 2013, I pledged to live a simple, authentic and holistic lifestyle. Have I succeeded? Am I atleast getting somewhere? These are questions I’ll be asking myself and questioning what I need to do more or less of in the year ahead.

Some of the topics that I’ll be focusing on are simplifying life by getting rid of clutter, looking more closely at what authenticity means to me and seeking ways to live more holistically. I will also be doing some of the NaBloPoMo prompts and  the Write Tribe Festival of Words 2 between the 8th to 14th (you’re welcome to take part too!) .  Guest posts and book reviews are also on the agenda. Altogether a real busy month, don’t you think?

I’m typing this as I head back home from a most relaxing vacation. So I’m all charged up and ready to go.

What are your plans for December? Are they more or less fixed?