I had promised that I’d keep you posted on My Happiness Project. Perhaps you’ve noticed that I quietly updated My Happiness Project on the sidebar to February 2014.

Let me report my progress or lack of it from January.

Some of the main highlights were that I actually went for a walk more than half the month – which is good by my standards. Towards the end of the month, I got the ‘flu and then just gave up the walks. But I think resuming them will be much easier. However, I desperately need to work on going to bed earlier, so as to get up more energized.

I’m happy to report that I managed to clear out and give away quite a lot of household stuff, clothes and books. That made me feel so much better. I still have that nagging task to handle, but I’ve made a start with it, so I’m hoping to crack it this month.

This is what this month’s Happiness Project looks like. It’s all about love – very appropriate in February. While Gretchen Rubin’s project for February revolved around her husband, I’m trying to move beyond to family and others in my life.


I know that my whole effort to be more grateful for what I have, including a great relationship with Jose, has made a big difference to our marriage. I am more understanding and accepting because I’m grateful for having such a wonderful companion in my life.Β However, I can be quite a nag and poor Jose gets the worst of it. This is something I’m focusing on letting go of this month. So far, I can safely report, it’s going well. But that’s my side of the story – you’ll just have to ask him if he sees things any different! πŸ˜‰

ThereΒ is something I’ve learned after being married for seven years – we can and must improve ourselves as individuals, but we must always be striving to be better companions to our spouses. I can only work on being a better me, but when I become a better me, I find that the quality of my relationship with my spouse improves too. Less expectations and more focus on improving ourselves. I know it has worked for me.Β 

While it’s easy to give proofs of love in gifts and fine words, it’s always hard to give proofs of love – in small daily acts of kindness to our spouses and family. What better proof of love than to spend more time with them listening, understanding, laughing. I’m attempting to do that.

Will be back with more of My Happiness Project, next month.