My unicorn bolted taking with it my soul mate…….and then I woke up and realized that both were dreams, or rather myths.
Since I waited for years for my soul mate to appear, you can’t call me a cynic. No, I’d rather think of myself as being a convert to reality. 
I was fascinated by the concept of soul mates. I thought to myself, “There’s someone out there who will complete me. How wonderful.” And so began my rather fruitless search for a soul mate.  
The search took me down a path that caused me pain – as I kept facing rejection from people I thought fitted my soul mate bill. They didn’t complete me, but succeeded in eroding my self-belief. 
Only when I realized that I didn’t need anyone to complete me and when I took responsibility for myself and my happiness, did I find someone who could share my life with me – my husband.
He doesn’t complete me and I don’t complete him – thank God. We have shared values, some common interests but very different tastes in most other things. He actively encourages me to pursue my dreams and lets me be myself. And I hope that he can say that I give him the space to be himself.
I’m afraid that too many of us are putting happiness and love on hold in our quest for that person who will complete us. 
The news is that soul mates don’t exist. Only you  can be your own soul mate. Only you can give your soul the nourishment it needs to grow and blossom. Similarly our mates, our family, our friends can only tend to their own souls.  
All we can do is hold hands on our soul journeys…….. 

 May you be inspired – everyday!

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