Old Script or New Script?

This is a reflection on the fact that we sometimes live in the past – allowing it to dictate our lives, sometimes in unseen ways. It’s important for us to re-write the past – to create a new and better script for our present and future.

past and future

The old script goes
Running through my head
Forgotten incidents, but the feelings remain
Memories of loneliness and some of pain
Words that haunt
And unspoken fears
Still control my actions and sometimes bring tears
Old patterns of behaviour
That ruin my life, wreck my health
And bring plenty of strife.
Old ways of relating
That do me more harm
Leave me confused
And filled with alarm.
Guilt, hurt and shame
And finding someone to blame
That’s not the way I want to live ever again.

So I stand up today
Stand up for myself
With Divine Assistance
And angels to help.
I let go of the past
And take up my pen
I’m writing a new script
Starting over again.
New ways of thinking
Loving and living
New ways of receiving
And new ways of giving.
Writing that script
Today I’ll start
Living with freedom and love in my heart.

you are the designer of your own destiny


You can re-write your life – that’s the good news!

This post is written for the letter ‘O’ for the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014.