On Being Tactful

I came across this via MotivateUs.com and began to wonder if being tactful is something I want to be. Does being tactful also involve being a bit dishonest, I ask. But is it always possible to be completely honest?

As I continued to find an answer, I ‘googled‘ the word tact and found this definition here:
Tact means being discriminating about what we say. It means that before we speak we consider the effect on other people and we choose our words wisely and well.
Tact is what allows us to honor both honesty and compassion in difficult conversations. It lets us speak truth in ways that other people are able to hear without becoming too threatened or hurt. To be tactful means choosing our timing as well as our words. Tact requires that we put ourselves in another person’s place and think about their circumstances and feelings.
Also read some great examples by Divine Caroline here.
This gave me a whole new understanding of being tactful. It’s being honest and kind at the same time. That’s what I’d like to work at being.
Are you tactful? Or blunt? Do you think that tact is a virtue?