Are you my mother?Before you think I’ve completely lost it with the heading of this post, do read this lovely little reflection from Terry Hershey, the author of ‘The Power of Pause’:

A young couple stood in the ticket line at Knott’s Berry Farm. Nearby, their two young boys were watching a family of ducks. The boys were flat on their bellies, eye to eye with the ducklings, captivated and giggling. The parents walked up, tickets in hand, saying, “Boys, get up. We’ve got to get into the park and start having fun.”

Every day, we are bombarded the implication that life begins elsewhere. And we miss the “duckling moments.”


Since José and I have our individual and corporate plans for 2010 and with last year being what it was, it’s easy to get caught up with playing catch-up. So while we’ make every effort to stick to our plans, we are mindful that we could get so caught up with the ‘doing’ that we forget the ‘being’. Thankfully, we have our version of duckling moments – only we call them ‘Pablo-moments’. If you don’t get what I mean, look at Pablo helping José with some paper work!



I’m sure you get the general idea. Pablo suddenly appears, ball in mouth, wanting us to play with him. We could always turn him down but we choose to take those few minutes off because by the end of it we’re laughing and having fun. Isn’t that what life is all about, anyway?