One Foot in Front of the Other: Daily Affirmations for Recovery

One Foot in Front of the Other: Daily Affirmations for Recovery

This is a wonderful collection of affirmations for recovery from addiction, childhood trauma, dysfunction or relationship loss issues. All recovery of this nature is slow and the individual literally has to tread carefully -one foot at a time – counting small gains and victories along the way. This book is meant to accompany her/him on the journey – a pocket companion of sorts providing inspiration and motivation through the day, helping the individual to gather strength and hope for living one day at a time.

Written in the first person, with a Christian audience in mind, ย the book contains:

Tools of the recovery programme: These have been incorporated into affirmations so that they can be remembered and focused on.
Scientific information: The author has included brief research insights and information about the value of positive thinking, faith and prayer, wherever appropriate.
Inspiration: There are some truly inspiring quotes and readings included.

One of the reflections, for example, deals with the issue of the individual trying to rescue another addict. Here how it goes:

Part 1:

Detaching with Love: ย I need to detach with love from those I care about who are still mired in the disease. I will tolerate the pain of watching……….Today I will detach with love and I will allow others the dignity of their own path…… (continues)

Part 2:

The affirmation: Other people have their own Higher Power and it’s not me.

Part 3:

The quotation: ย It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows. ~ Epictetus

Title: One Foot In Front Of The Other – Daily Affirmations For Recovery

Author: Tian Dayton, PhD
Publisher: HCI Books
ISBN-13: 978-0-7573-1788-0 (Paperback)
ISBN – 13 978-07573-1789-7 (ePub)


About the author: Tian Dayton, Ph.D., the Director of Program Development for Breathe Life Healing Centers is the author of 15 books including The ACoA Trauma Syndrome and Forgiving and Moving On. Visit her at:

I found the book very inspiring and found that many of the reflections, affirmations and inspirational quotes can be applied to not just to addicts but to us all. I would certainly consider giving it as a gift to someone who is on the path to recovery.

Disclosure: I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a review.




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