Open to Receive Vessel

On my vision board I wrote two phrases – Open and Receptive to Abundance.

I believe that there are unlimited blessings and a large store house of goodness waiting for us if only we are open and receptive to this abundance. This requires a complete change in our way of thinking. We have to let go of our old ways of focusing on how to solve our problems and refocus our thoughts on what we want to accomplish. We need to plug in to the Universe, the Source, God….whatever name you want to call it ..and be certain that everything we need has been already supplied, if only we’d claim it!

I am Open and Receptive To Abundance

As part of my weight loss regimen, I’ve been advised a monthly massage. I kept looking for a suitable place to get this…with no results. Then I told me husband, “A spa is going to come to us.” I left it at that. A few days later, I was looking through an old newspaper and found it had an envelope attached. I opened it and found a discount voucher for a spa that was literally down our road! I visited and found that it is far better than what I had imagined and at a very affordable price! I needed and it was supplied!
Today I am linking in to Gypsy Mama’s 5 minute Friday – the prompt is : OPEN.

May you be inspired – everyday!