#suicideprevention Stay Connected

suicide stay informed stay connected

Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, L’Wren Scott and closer home, Jiah Khan, Anuradha Bali alias Fiza, Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor …..just a few of the ‘big’ names we’ve heard about in recent times who’ve succumbed to the monster of suicide. But what of the unknown thousands, in India alone who commit suicide. “Young educated Indians from […]

Doing The Gratitude Dance!

the gratitude dance

I have two left feet, but that can’t stop me from doing the gratitude dance – everyday! Just kidding, I do it in my head. Presenting The Gratitude Dance by The Gratidudes! So today I’m doing the virtual gratitude dance and adding my link to Laurel Regan’s Today’s Gratitude List – Linkup No.45 as I reflect […]

Tina’s Sunflowers #LifeIsGood #MicroblogMondays


When Tina Downey of #LifeIsGood passed away last month, the Blogging From A to Z team decided to pay tribute to her by flooding the internet with her beloved sunflowers today. Read more about this here. I love sunflowers too and couldn’t resist snapping several pictures of these huge beauties growing on the farm of […]

Stop Saving The Good China

anything goes on sunday

Today I got thinking about hoarding ‘good’ things and no using them for fear that they’ll get over. I know I used to do that with stationery – something that I treasured. I’ve known people to do that with china and with linen, besides clothes and shoes. We wait to use things for a ‘special’ […]

Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag

spirit recovery medicine bag

Today, I’m happy to be sharing about Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag: A Transformational Guide for Living Happy, Joyous, and Free. This seems to fit in so well with the NaBloPoMo theme for September – healing. Description of book Feeling limited by circumstances, substances, or behaviors often leads to the simple, yet profound question, “Is this all […]

The Still Small Voice | Five Minute Friday

still small voice

I saw her the other day, the woman who had been my ‘best’ friend for years. Now, we don’t acknowledge each other’s presence. And I felt – nothing. In my heart I wished her well, but I know we’ll never be friends again. Too much has happened and we’re very different women now. Sometimes, life asks us […]