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Why Everyday Gyaan?

What’s the meaning behind the name Everyday Gyaan, you might ask? Everyday – talking about things that happen in day to day life…… Gyaan – a Sanskrit word that means ‘wisdom’ or ‘knowledge’. Together they represent what this blog is about – drawing meaning, learning and inspiration from the ordinary and everyday events of life.

What makes Everyday Gyaan?

The Everyday Gyaan journey began in early 2009 and I have been constantly experimenting with my writing and sharing until I sat down one day and decided what I really wanted this site to be about. Everyday Gyaan is all about keeping life simple, authentic and holistic. While I enjoy writing and sharing here, this website acts as guide for me to keep things real. When I share things that are happening in my life, or my perspective on things happening in the world, I want my writing to resonate with you, dear reader.

The Frangipani story….

From quite early, a frangipani flower has adorned the header of this site, simply because I found it so pretty. Later I learnt there was a symbolism behind the  five petals of the flower.  Supposedly they represent five qualities of necessary for psychological perfection: sincerity, faith, aspiration, devotion and surrender. These are qualities I want to have within me and radiate to the world.

Always grateful

I am always grateful for all I have learnt and all the wonderful friends I’ve made through Everyday Gyaan. So welcome to my world. Do make yourself at home here.

~ Corinne Rodrigues



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