She had reached the end of her rope. “I just can’t take this any more,” she said, thinking of how badly he was treating her. He was taking her for granted, not communicating and not feeling the need to be accountable for his time or movements. “Let’s take a 15-day break,” she wrote to him. He agreed. Pause.

122/365 || Reset

Rewind: She spent the break looking back on how they had started. Not on a very good note, she now realised. Not coming to the airport to meet her as he had promised. His hand never went in his pocket on their holiday, she noticed. Instead, he asked her for a loan for his business. But she, so taken up with the fact that she was an a relationship finally, compromised. She now realized how much she had given up of herself for him.

The break was over. Day 15 she wrote him an e-mail. “You’ve used me and taken advantage of my generosity and love. However, I am not going to blame you for this. I gave you permission to do this. I was responsible and I own that. I’m now taking responsibility and breaking off with you. Good luck. I’m moving on.”  Forward.


This is in response to The Writer’s Post Thursday Blog Hop # 77 hosted by Michelle Liew. Her prompt is Pause, Rewind or Forward.

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