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I clearly remember the first panic attack I had. It was around 1989. I was traveling – my first work related travel – new city, new surroundings and a hotel room all by myself.  Suddenly, on the first night there, I began to feel a heaviness in my chest, a great sense of fear and a feeling that I was chocking. It felt as if someone was sitting on my chest and chocking the life out of me. I thought I was having a heart attack. I remember praying – not knowing what to do.  The feeling passed.  But to this day I vividly recall every sensation. Later, at various points of time when I was stressed or overwhelmed, I have had similar panic attacks. Thankfully, I don’t have them any more.

Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder that is not only debilitating, but frightening for those who are suffering from it. Fortunately, this can be addressed naturally and effectively through psychological techniques. Mike Karowski’s Perfectly Panic Free tries to give those suffering from panic disorder, as well as their family and friends, an idea of exactly what they’re dealing with and how they can begin to address the problem in order to free the sufferer from the clutches of fear and anxiety.

Updated: Mike Karowski kindly offered a free copy of his e-book Perfectly Panic Free  to one lucky reader of Everyday Gyaan. Thank you for entering the giveaway. The lucky winner is Genevive Angela.





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  1. Dear Corinne, and I remember my first panic attack and it was a numbness in my fingers – both hands and legs and something akin to a numb vibration was what my whole body went through – everything went dark in my eyes and I was lying listless on the bed, aware very much that something was happening to me, yet not really understanding what it was.
    I can still feel the shivers….
    Punam J R recently posted..Disappointments – Old post with a small update at the endMy Profile

  2. Hi Corinne, I too have had similar panic attacks and still do sometimes :( I wonder if a book can cure someone of their fears…

  3. I can recall so many times when I have had these irrational fears. I do qualify.

  4. Ah! Panic attacks! I remember my first one Corinne!

    Well, it was quite sometime back when I was to join hostel. That was the first time I was leaving home, and my first day at college too. Gosh – I had shivers run down my spine at the thought of it even to date. :) But it taught me many things all of a sudden, which I think happens when we are faced in such situations.

    Thanks for sharing. :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How Much Water Do You Drink DailyMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing your experience of your first panic attack, Harleena. I think new places and situations manage to create such feelings. But as you say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. We learn to overcome panic and be happy.

  5. Anxiety can certainly grab hold of us sometimes and not let go. So glad you are offering help.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Please Help Me HelpMy Profile

  6. Anxiety can sometimes take entire control of the person….Nice share
    jaishvats recently posted..Flash Fiction(100) – SubduedMy Profile

  7. There are so many who suffer from panic attacks, my daughter being one of them. Thankfully, this condition has gotten much better for her. Do hope this book is a blessing to all who experience these.
    Thanks for sharing, Corinne!
    Martha Orlando recently posted..Can’t Fill Papa’s ShoesMy Profile

  8. Thank you for this post…I am sure it’ll be great if people can actually free themselves of such attacks.
    UmaS recently posted..A happy MEMy Profile

  9. I remember a few times in my life, while asleep having this attacks, when I shared with my mom, she encouraged me to pray before I sleep every day. Since then I developed the habit of praying for a peaceful sleep without any disturbance. Today I do not really have these attacks.

    But I have not forgotten the experience, hence, I used to lay my hands of both of my children and pray for them every night while they slept. Now that my son is no more, I teach my daughter that she must say her prayers for protection, and keep rest thankfully reciting the rosary.

    Working in a helping centre, I have begun to understand how serious a panic attack can become, when they do not receive help at the right moment. Anxiety is such common problem among students, I help them with a few relaxation techniques that I know of, and also help them to work with their thought patterns. I am sure this book will be of help ! Thanks for sharing, appreciate you always !

    • Janet, thanks for sharing. I handled my panic attacks with prayer too. Remember the prayers we were taught when young – to our Guardian Angels? I wonder if they were a way of preparing our minds to sleep peacefully. Somehow, we’ve forgotten about guardian angels along the way, haven’t we? :)
      With so much of pressure on young people these days, I would say that anxiety would be the number one problem of most of them. I’m glad you are working with many young people towards this. Thank you for sharing as authentically as you always do.

  10. I would love to read more on the topic. I have faced panic situations in my life; don’t know if they qualify as panic attacks. And, I guess nervous breakdowns are a worse manifestation of the same.
    Rachna recently posted..An Evening to Remember!My Profile

  11. My first and only major (Thank God!) panic attack was on Metro in Washington, DC several years ago. I was such a wreck that a total stranger asked if I needed the police called! Without question, one of the worst moments in my life. About three years ago I began meditating and have found it enormously helpful in quieting the anxiety issues I continue to struggle with Hooray for people like Mike Karowski, who seek to help those of us afflicted by these debilitating conditions. Thank you for sharing his work, Corinne! You can check out my work at and I hope you will! Cheers!
    Daphne Steinberg recently posted..All Full All The TimeMy Profile

  12. There were times I also felt some sort of panic, Corinne. I’m grateful to God for having comforted me during such frightening times. Thanks for offering the chance for the free e-book!
    Joyce at I Take Off The Mask recently posted..What Does It Matter What They Say?My Profile

  13. Every time I get into an turbulence and I have had it
    b k chowla recently posted..CONTRADICTIONSMy Profile

  14. Corinne, this post comes at the perfect time since I just endured what can best be described as the closest thing to a panic attack. My latest blog post deals about the anxiety and claustrophobia I went through whilst having an MRI. My sister, a long sufferer from panic attack, tells me they are just as you describe–you feel like you’re having a heart attack. I’m so glad you don’t get them anymore, my friend! Hugs to you and Pablo from Roxy and me! :)
    Bella recently posted..Why are claustrophobia and an MRI such good friends?My Profile

  15. i have had panic attacks. it’s not fun. i have counseled others through panic attacks. that’s not as bad ;-)


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