Do you sometimes feel weighed down with life – possibly with problems – or just the enormity of making choices? Do you sometimes look at the world around and wonder where you fit in?

I’m guessing everyone goes through times like that. I certainly have moments when I ask myself questions vital questions like:

  • What’s the meaning of life?
  • Where do I go from here?
  • Am I making a difference to anyone?
  • Am I being who I am meant to be?
The list goes on……….

In the past, I would allow such times to get me down and think there was something wrong with me. Now, I know that it’s part of the process of my evolution. If I don’t ask these questions, I won’t be able to evolve in to the person I want to become….ME!

Living is being born slowly.  It would be a little too easy if we could borrow ready-made souls.  ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras, 1942

So if you ever feel soul weary, allow yourself to go through these feelings – give yourself time to ask the vital questions – and also to think through your answers…..but most of all know that there are indeed answers and there’s a place in the sun booked just for YOU!

a place in the sun

Here’s vintage Stevie Wonder with ‘A Place In the Sun’.

May you be inspired – everyday!