One of the activities that the resort we stayed at in Mahabaleshwar, on our recent vacation – was playing bingo for fun (bingo is also referred to as tambola and housie in India).  Every evening the resort organizes bingo for the guests, mostly outdoors. I wasn’t able to get a good photograph, but this was where it took place. Nice location, right?


Playing Bingo For Fun

Add some chilled out folks, some kids, a very animated organizer and a bonfire and it was fun. But most of all, it made me realize just how much I enjoy playing bing0. The suspense of waiting, the hoping, the sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for that one number to be called!

While playing bingo for fun, I began to think if the concentration, the listening for numbers, the excitement was a great way to keep your mind alert! So I went off to do some research on it and here’s what I found.

How a simple bingo game every now and again can help

In a national study in Britain for the AARP, Gretchen Anderson said that just over one-third of middle-aged survey respondents reported being lonely, with two-thirds of the respondents saying that they have no specific reason for feeling this way. Loneliness is something that everybody feels from time to time, but it seems as though the feeling becomes amplified when we reach our 40s.

While this loneliness can often be alleviated by doing household chores and spending time with your family, it might also be a good idea to take up a new hobby — one that introduces you to new people, and allows for great opportunities for socialization but doesn’t wear you out too much. If you have yet to find the perfect hobby, then you may want to try to play a few rounds of bingo.


Bingo is often touted as an old person’s game, but don’t let that dissuade you from trying out your local bingo hall. In recent years, bingo has seen a great increase in popularity in younger audiences, particularly because of the evolution it has undergone. As the BBC reports, online bingo has become something of a full house. Players claim that this is mostly because of the sense of community that online bingo brings to the table. Communities are one of the most important parts in online bingo, and most players stay because of engaging chat hosts and competitions on social media, where players can chat with others and swap stories while playing.

There are also so many different kinds of people playing bingo. In Chicago, Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman Billy Corgan hosts monthly bingo nights, attracting young people and hipsters who’ve never played the game before. There are also several different kinds of bingo now, and the old image of bingo as played in a silent bingo hall with a bored bingo caller speaking in a drone has long been replaced by lively crowds entertained by a droll bingo host.

You’d be surprised how much keeping busy can help you, especially when you keep busy doing something fun like playing bingo.

Photo Credit: Keees via Compfight cc