I came across this image a while back and was fascinated with the words. Although they spoke to me, I wasn’t sure exactly what they meant for me.

Now over a year later, I muse over these words and know that they helped me to act in my life. I’ve realized that one cannot adopt healing practices until you are ready to let go of those that harm you.

I’m still making discoveries about myself. I’m still learning to let go of what harms me, and choose practices that help me to heal. But I’m on my way and much closer to being myself than I was last year.

Practise What Heals You

Letting go of meaningless relationships, makes room for more meaningful ones
One of the things I’ve let go of is wasting time on meaningless relationships …… inane conversations with people, especially the kind of conversations that lead to gossip. The worst is these people will lead you on, b****** about (pardon my language) others and getting you to voice your opinion too.  A few days down the line, you’ll see them running around with the very same people. You never know where you stand with people like this. So I now keep contact to a minimum. I’m polite and keep my opinions about people to myself. I can’t tell you how much peace I’ve got from that.

Letting go of expectations, makes room for acceptance
I’ve also learnt to start letting go of expectation for understanding from people who will never really understand me in my lifetime or theirs. When there are no expectations, it’s easier to get on with these people. I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there.

Letting go of being right, makes room for being at peace
Another thing that would draw me in is having arguments – even if they were topics well worth discussing, it was easy for me to get drawn into them and invest a lot of energy too. Recently, someone tried to bait me when I shared something on Facebook, and I was wise enough to say, ‘No comments’. I don’t have to defend my opinions, and I can choose my response to yours.


Making these choices have left me with much more emotional energy that I can plow into my creative pursuits – all of which are healing practices for me – writing, blogging, cooking, knitting and painting.

At fifty, I’m finally learning what it means to let go and be free!

What does this image say to you? What healing practices are you choosing?