Mount Sodom – Lot’s Wife?

The Bible has a story of the destruction of a place called Sodom. Before it was destroyed, God appeared to a man named Lot and told him to flee the land, taking his family with him. There was one rule though. They were not to look back as they went. Unfortunately, Lot’s wife made the mistake of looking back. Immediately, she was turned into a pillar of salt!  Dramatic, no?

Alan Cohen has an interesting take on this story. He says that when we hold on to what no longer have use for, we become petrified. Salt is a preservative. We cannot preserve the past or hold on to it. We must release it to make way for what is to come.

I know that looking back and blaming myself for missed opportunities or bad choices doesn’t serve me well. Neither does holding on to bitterness or replaying old tapes of misdeeds done to me.  Yes, I will stand up for myself and speak out when necessary. But once it’s over, I don’t need to go on telling the story.

No more preserving the past.

I’m trying to respect the past with all its experiences and lessons and move joyfully towards the future. Most of all, I’m trying to live as far as possible in the present moment.

Pic credit: Ian Scott