A while back, I lamented the fact that I’ve spent too much time in meaningless conversations (Dangling Conversations).  Personally, I’m still struggling to find people to have deep conversations with – apart from my husband and a very few friends.  I find, at times, that I can have much more honest and open conversations with people I’ve never met – online, than with the ‘real’ people I know, other than my husband and a very friends. 

I wonder if it is because I’ve become rather outspoken the older I get. As far as I know, I’m not rude, but I certainly don’t hesitate to express my opinions. Is it me or are people forgetting the art of meaningful conversation? Could it be that people are no longer wanting to make the time, effort and do the ‘work’ it takes to have meaningful conversations. 

Whats up Joe?

To have real conversation with people may seem like such a simple, obvious suggestion, but it involves courage and risk ~ Thomas Moore

A recent study by Dr Matthias Mehl, a psychologist at the University of Arizona shows that the happiest people are those who have the most meaningful conversations. (Read this article for more details).

So in not wanting to go beyond triviality and practical communication, we may actually be putting our happiness at risk….

That’s not a chance I want to take….Do you?

May you be inspired – everyday!
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