Rebellion Can Be A Positive Thing!

When you think about rebellion, stereotypical images may come to mind. The paths of self-destruction, or even violence, are associated with rebellion. Perhaps, you see leather jackets and motorcycles? Maybe you think about certain countercultures such as the beatniks, bohemians, hippies, punk rockers, Goths, or Emo kids? Yet, rebellion can be positive, when it comes to healing your spirit. Your spirit is that part of you that knows what is true in your heart. It’s where you feel connected to the universe, your version of the divine. Your spirit feels the connection with all living things.

Your ego is the opposite of your spirit. It tells you that you’re greater than or less than others. It makes you feel not good enough. It’s that voice telling you that you are damaged goods. The ego takes on the limiting beliefs that you’ve inherited from childhood or just living in society as reality. I myself allowed the voice of ego to hold me back for many years. It made me feel so worried about what others would think of me. In my spiritual studies, I tried to find a solution to silence and even destroy the ego. Nothing seemed to work when it came to quieting the ego until recently.

During a very trying time in my life a few years ago, my ego was in overdrive, making up all kinds of scenarios about possibly ending up divorced and homeless. At times, it felt impossible to stop the negative thoughts that recycled again…until I had a thought come out of the blue. It came during a time where I had slowed down my thoughts just long enough to meditate and connect with the divine. The thought came as: “Perhaps, the best thing one could rebel against would be the ego.”

That idea really grabbed me! I had considered myself to be a rebel during most of my life. I rebelled against all kinds of things, including authority figures, institutions, and popular culture. I realized that it was my rebellious nature which led me to pursue my own spiritual path, instead of following a traditional religion. An a-ha moment also came to me when I saw that I had been on a personal journey of healing for at least 20 years. My path had included a rejection of both internal and external types of negativity. I saw that my form of rebellion was positive, since I was working on loving myself more, living my authentic purpose, being my true self, healing past hurts, and creating happiness.

Positive rebellion’s main gift is that it can effectively disarm the ego. I found it to be empowering and fun when I renamed my self-healing efforts as positive rebellion. It became a bit easier to shift negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions into positive ones. It is sometimes difficult to change a negative thought into a positive one right away. First, I have to start with the rejection of the negative. I rebel against it. For example, if I hear myself say, “I feel fat,” it can feel like a huge stretch to go straight to the opposite thought of “I love and approve of my body.” Before getting to the positive, there has to be a rejection of the negative. Positive rebellion is like telling the ego, “Oh, thanks for sharing, but I’m not going to listen to you.”

Try it and see what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Lisa Marie Selow is the Hay House author of A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide (coming November 2012!). She is a life coach, motivational speaker, women’s empowerment expert, and modern mystic. Lisa lives in metro Detroit, Michigan with her husband, JT, along with several electric guitars and friendly outdoor squirrels. Her website is: