I was overwhelmed by the response to my post about my grandmother – thank you.

I also had a few of you send me your thoughts on your own grandmothers. Please send your stories to me at corinne.rodrigues@gmail.com – we’d love to hear from you (If you’re a blogger – I’ll provide a link to your blog with your story).

My aunt, Leila, sent me this and I felt it was important to post it here:

Corinne, a lovely tribute to Mama, indeed. However I wanted to explain why Mama started removing Papa’s shoes. After their marriage they went to Badlapur where Papa was working to set up the water supply system for Ambernath and Badlapur. He would tramp all day through forests and up hill and down again, come home very exhausted and flop on the bed. Mama would feel sorry and take his shoes off. At first he objected but later he came to accept this labor of love. Then it was our turn as we grew older and we blamed Mum for spoiling him!! To us it was a chore but to her it was a joy to do the humblest task for the man she loved so much.

God rest them both. We have learned so much from them.