She’s such a delightful soul – I love her honesty, her humour and ability to spread joy around. Today, I’m happy to welcome, Kathy Combs to share how she has gradually been rediscovering her creativity. Thank you, Kathy for sharing so candidly, as always and for inspiring with your story.

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Kathy Combs is a stay at home mother of two who enjoys fulfilling her creative itch through her writing, drawing, and photography. When needed she subs in the local school’s cafeteria. She lives happily with her family and four dogs in Elkhart, Indiana of the United States. Follow her blog – The Giggling Trucker’s Wife Writes – and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


Rediscovering My Creativity

When I was a little girl I spent most of my time drawing and coloring. I loved to draw and fancied myself an artist. It is all I wanted to be when I grew up. I imagined myself working for Disney and doing art for their feature films. That was the dream then. As I grew the dream faded and reality stepped in. When I was in my 20’s, I dusted off the dream and worked hard to make that dream reality. After a brief stint at Belmont University to study Music Business, I decided to go to school for graphic design at a local college working towards an associate degree.

I began part time, working full time during the day and going to classes at night. Eventually I became a full time student and worked less hours as a temporary office worker and part time in a laboratory conducting quality control experiments. In 1992 things came to a head. My marriage of 4 years fell apart, my mother’s kidneys failed and she was diagnosed with cancer, and among everything else I was doing at the time I became her primary care taker while juggling work and school. As her health deteriorated and my marriage ended, I became overwhelmed. By that time I was 6 credits away from my degree and found that there were simply not enough hours of the day to devote to school. My advisor assured me I could put school on hold and I would be given time to complete my portfolio.

One day I discovered my mom had died in the night. In my immense grief, my desire to create anything came to a complete halt. My passion for art died with her it seemed and I had no desire to complete my studies. I had no desire to draw anymore and I quit school. I quit eating and couldn’t sleep. One day I began throwing up blood. I had lost tons of weight and was a shadow of my former self. I got a full time job as an acquisitions clerk in a library and began to find my way in life without her in it. I was divorced and alone. That changed when I met my true soul mate. We were married within a year, and after 3 years of marriage started a family. With the birth of my daughter I quit my job to be a full time stay at home mom. Five years later my son arrived to complete my little family.

In 2009 I got a cold call from a company telling me they wanted to set me up with a website where I would make a little money writing articles for them. I was skeptical since I had never written anything other than in school when forced to. I began blogging. When the company went out of business, my old site went with it and I created the site I have today.

Recently one of my blogging friends got me excited about creating Zentangles. It is an art form I felt compelled to try and all I really needed was paper and a pen to do it. It was the first time in 20 years I have been inspired and excited about art. Now, when I am not writing, I am drawing. When I am not doing that, I may be looking through a camera lens. I also enjoy dabbling in photography. All of a sudden my creativity has exploded.

For years I wrote whatever silliness popped into my head. These days I have finally stepped out of my comfort zone and dared to write fiction and haiku. After so many years of my creativity lying dormant and forgotten, I feel that my life is blossoming with possibilities. I have discovered that even at 45 I can try new things. I can explore my creativity on my own terms and enjoy it. It isn’t about everyone else. It is about me and what makes me happy. It is about letting the creativity flow from deep within my soul and not being afraid to nurture it and share it with others. It is therapeutic. It is all me. There are so many ways to be creative from writing to drawing. A person can be creative in so many wonderful ways!

I encourage you to all rediscover you creativity! Try something new!

What will you do to spark that creative fire in you?

~ Kathy