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Today’s topic is: People Who Turn You Off

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My brothers learned early that scratching on certain surfaces (walls, sand paper, some cloth etc) and making a squeaky sound managed to set my teeth on edge. I would cover my ears and beg them to stop when they did that.


There are certain behaviors in people that set my teeth on edge. I’m certain that we can’t stand certain people not because they are intrinsically bad, but it’s their behavior that makes them intolerable to us. .
Here’s my list of top ten behaviors that set my teeth on edge (in no order of priority):
  1. attention seeking – loud talk and doing things for effect.
  2. snobbery – there are various kinds of snobs who think they’ve got it all together like no one else. However, I think the spiritual snobs are the worst.
  3. nosiness – minding other people’s business and giving uncalled for advice.
  4. rudeness – pushing in queues, not thanking people…
  5. poor listening – what you say is not important…
  6. self-absorption – It’s all about me and mine…
  7. whinging and wailing
  8. acting entitled – as if the world owes them for being alive.
  9. sponging –  always on the look out for handouts.
  10. manipulating – making sure in a very subtle manner that people do what you want them to.

I’m well aware that my behavior must make me intolerable to certain people……

What behaviors in people set your teeth on edge?

May you be inspired – everyday!