It seems harder to find time to be work on our health nowadays. What with the busy lifestyle we all lead. We need to keep up with the times or else we’ll be left out. Sometimes we so busy crossing things off that infernal bucket list, that we forget to take care of ourselves. That’s why it’s wise to follow simple everyday habits for a healthier life.

You don’t have to get a gym membership or hire a nutritionist to help you be at your best shape. You only need to make small changes in your habits and be aware of what’s good for you and what’s not.

Simple Everyday Habits for a Healthier Life

#1 Rest

Sometimes it’s impossible to get the ideal 8-hour sleep our bodies need to recharge. Have you heard of how Leonardo da Vinci managed his sleeping hours?

Da Vinci slept for 15 minutes in every four hours. As a result, da Vinci generally limited how much he slept to just one and half hours a day. Da Vinci is said to have used this method for many years of his life, without ever feeling tired. (Source: Bustle)

We may not be Da Vinci but we can still set a fixed time to get rest. Maybe get a 15-minute power nap after an hour or so of working. And get to bed early anytime we can.

#2 Move around

A short walk every day, using the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or deliberately getting up and moving around at any chance you can makes a lot of difference. Get on the treadmill while catching up on your favourite show. Touch your toes a few times to stretch your body, walk your dog a few minutes a day. The options are endless to get your body working. Get your heart pumping, your blood circulating and your mind working by moving around.

#3 Meditate

Before you touch your phone in the morning, meditate. Pray, reflect or just “be”. Allow your spirit to be still before taking the plunge so to speak. Before you get in the day, let your mind be focused and remember what matters most. Think about your goals—both short term and long term, and imagine yourself achieving it. Listen to a relaxing or motivating music. It all starts in the mind so better take care of your mind first thing first.

#4 Disconnect

Another quite impossible, but simple everyday habit for a healthier life you need to develop is to disconnect. Turn off your phone before going to bed. Get at least one day in a week when you can turn off your laptop and TV and go out. Or stay at home and read a book. Social media detox works wonders in your health. Disconnect for a healthier life.

#5 Clean up

You can’t be healthy if you’re surrounded by a mess. Pick after yourself so you will not have a hard time cleaning up. Throw your trash properly. Sanitize. Change your bedding regularly. Wear clean clothes. The pile of laundry you see lying around creating a mess has to be washed. If you feel too lazy to do so, you can always try services. Visit to see how simple it is.

7 Simple Everyday Habits for a Healthier Life

The same goes for the dishes, cooking, and the garden. It will keep nagging you till you do it, so why not just finish it off already? Simple habits that will have a huge impact on  your health.

#6 Visit your doctor

Make an appointment to see a physician at least once or twice a year. Have a thorough physical exam to find out what your body needs. Also visit your dentist. Oral health is an essential yet often overlooked part of physical health.

#7 Eat healthy

Food of course is an integral part of our health. You can exercise or meditate and rest all you want but if you don’t nourish your body with healthy food, you will still be sickly. You don’t need to pay for an expensive planned meal to be delivered at your doorstep. Just remember the important food groups and get your dose of nutrition in every meal. Stay away from the junk and munch on fruits and vegetables instead. Eat in moderation and eat right.

As the old adage goes, “Health is wealth.” You can’t enjoy life if your health suffers. You don’t need to invest a huge amount of money to be healthy. You don’t even need a major change in your lifestyle. Small steps and simple everyday habits for a healthier life is all you need.


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