Slow steps are what I’ve been taking these past few weeks.

You may have noticed that I’ve been absent here. Not because I don’t love this blog. How could I not?

I’ve been busy, spreading my wings a bit and trying out something new in the ‘real’ world. This requires me to change my schedule and spend less time online with my blogs.

Moving out of home a few times of week (remember how much of a homebody I am?) and meeting and spending time offline has been good for my creativity although that’s not showing here yet. I’ve been a little stuck with my writing. But I’m not pushing it. There is no pressure. I have nothing to prove to anyone including myself. 

It’s after ages that I’m sharing lunch with a group of colleagues and the best part of it is that most of them talk only Telugu. While I understand, I can’t speak. I’m enjoying listening to them, watching the interactions, talking to them in Hindi or English and getting to eat  and talk about lovely Telangana food!  I had forgotten how much I do love listening to and observing people. Learning to balance my introversion with my interest in people and their stories is something I’m working on.

It’s been wonderful to have another experience of a community – a tribe in action with the Write Tribe Festival of Words #5 – and I’m very thankful for this online community. We have a long way to learn and grow, but I’m certain we’ll get there. The best part is that none of us feels threatened by the others – leaving enough of space for us all to grow individually and as a group.

Despite the sometime hectic mornings, I think I’m getting better organized. Miles to go…but slow steps will get me there….

Are you living in the ‘fast’ lane or happy to take slow steps?

Be content to progress in slow steps until you have legs to run and wings with which to fly. – Padre Pio


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