I’m posting ‘Sometimes I Wish’ as part of Blog-Tag, You’re It! – 28 bloggers across several countries are participating in it.  It’s a great opportunity to get to know fellow bloggers on a more personal level!

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This morning I was getting my daily fix of the news and I see Piers Morgan interviewing Joel Osteen and his wife, Victoria.  They carefully dodged Piers’ questions on politics and just about anything that required a firm opinion. I find it hard to believe they’re real. They were just trying too hard to be correct.  Now they may be really nice people, but they came across as insincere to me when they refused to have an opinion or at least voice it. However, this post is not about the Osteens at all.

This is about me wishing that we could all state  exactly what we feel about things.

Sometimes I Wish

artist's pencils Sometimes I wish we could all be like children and say exactly what’s on our minds. I remember my, then 4 year old,  cousin coming across a man of restricted growth and asking very loudly: “Who sharpened him?”  Now anyone who has been a child and has sharpened a pencil over and over knows what he meant.  He was a child, so he got away with expressing exactly what was on his mind!

At times, we  have to filter what we write for fear that someone will take offence.  We don’t want someone to think that we are writing about them.  We have to be careful in our dealings with people because our words might hurt them. We try to be careful with what we  share on Facebook and Twitter for fear that our ‘image’ will be affected. We have to be politically correct and use exactly the right phrase or else someone, somewhere will be offended.

Sometimes I wish we didn’t have to filter and choose our words for fear that they might offend someone else.

Sometimes I wish  no one took offence to anything anyone else said.

Sometimes I wish we could all be like Maxine!

I’m passing on the Blog Tag – You’re It! to my dear friend Irene Cortez of the Philippines who writes Inspiration From The Little Things. It has been my pleasure to get to know her over the last two years and to see her bloom in loveliness and creativity.  Please visit her blog where she’ll soon be sharing her wishes too.

What do you wish for sometimes?