Our city, Mumbai, was yesterday, once again the target of a terrorist attack. Three serial bomb blasts left about 18 people dead and over a hundred injured. One blast took place at a bus stop just outside a school, minutes after 400 children had left for the day. 
Today people went back to work and the children went back to schools and on the face of it, it was business as usual. This is a city that has lived through repeated acts of terrorism and as a result, Mumbaikars are hailed for their ability to go back to normalcy so quickly.  This is often called ‘the spirit of Mumbai’.
However as one of our politicians said so well (sometimes they make sense!): This whole Mumbai Spirit thing is a bit tiresome now because let’s face it no one gave them a bl**** choice anyway.
Yes, and while some of us can  sit at home on days like this (after the attacks and when it’s raining heavily), unfortunately there are thousands of others who have no choice but to go back to work. Many of them are daily laborers. Others know that if they don’t go to work, there’s a fair chance they’d lose their job. Parents have to send their children to school – because often the school safer than leaving them alone at home in unsafe neighborhoods.  So life returns to ‘normal’ because most people  cannot afford to be afraid – they just have no choice.
Let us think of them today……..

May you be inspired – everyday!