Did you know this?

5+ hours of sedentary sitting is the health equivalent of smoking a pack and a quarter of cigarettes. – Dr. David Agus

Swollen feet, weight gain, feeling sluggish – just a few of the side effects of sitting around that I feel. Yes, I my work is sedentary, but if I’m smart, I’ll find a way to make sure that I’m healthy and productive, right? No, I continue to sit and these last few days suffer from a pretty bad back ache!

I’m sharing this video and  inforgraphics with you as a reminder to myself to stand more!

Stand because sitting will kill you!

I’m saying this to myself and to you, dear reader:

Stand because sitting will kill you!

Some simple ideas:

  • Take a walk to the water cooler – that way you hydrate yourself and move too.
  • Wander around the office, your home every 45 minutes at least. Good for your mind too and might actually improve your creativity.
  • Take the stairs more often

A little harder but still doable:

You’ll find more ideas here:

Stand because sitting will kill you!

I really must wisen up!

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