Keeping It Holistic


I’m just back from the dentist – having had to remove a tooth. I was told that if I had come in a little earlier my tooth could have been saved. Why had I not gone earlier? Why did I wait for an infection to take over before I decided to go to the dentist? […]

Take Your Weight Loss To New Heights

Take Your Weight Loss To New Heights With These 5 Easy Top Secret Tips Odds are most of you reading this article have completed some form of a diet in your life. Odds are also that, though you may have lost some weight at the time, you gained it all back and then some. Am […]

Is Your Desk Destroying Your Productivity?

I thought it was me. Turns out it’s my desk. Is your desk destroying your productivity too? I’m supposed to be writing – but I’m not doing that. I’m surfing the net and staring at various inane sites. Yes, staring – not even reading. Does that happen to you sometimes? How do you handle low […]

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