“What do I do with these, Mom?” Karma whispered to her Mom as she took the petals from the red roses being passed around and cradled them in her palm. “Throw them on the grave when I throw mine, sweetie,” Sarah whispered back. “How ironic that they’re red roses,” Sarah thought to herself as her […]

Pause, Rewind Or Forward

122/365 || Reset

She had reached the end of her rope. “I just can’t take this any more,” she said, thinking of how badly he was treating her. He was taking her for granted, not communicating and not feeling the need to be accountable for his time or movements. “Let’s take a 15-day break,” she wrote to him. […]

The Keys

TWP Blog Prompt 54

“Here are the keys”, Harry said. “Look at him acting as if he’s handing over the keys to the Queen’s jewels”, Sheila thought bitterly. “Why now?” she asked. “Couldn’t I have had them when she was alive?” “Are you mad?” he said. “You know how it would have broken her heart to give over the […]

What Do You Value?

“I hope you’re getting your bags packed,” said St Peter in my dream last night. “So the time has come, has it?” said I. “My bags have been packed for a long time now.” “I’m curious as to what you’ve got in them,” St Peter said. “Oh, I’ll tell you. Silver, gold and few diamonds.” […]

Dedicated To Hope

He stands outside the door to her hospital room. Silently, he watches the parade of nurses and doctors rushing in and out. A part of him  gets prepared for the senior doctor to come in and say, “We can’t do anything more…..” But another part of him,  is praying that she lives.  She has her […]

In The Shadows


He see shades of the little girl he once knew, as the confident woman takes the podium to make her inaugural speech. Who knew then that the little girl would someday grow up to be a Governor? He watches the woman closely, hardly taking in her words, his mind wandering. He could have be in […]

The Boy And The Sea


I look out at the sea and wonder at the vastness of the ocean. The sea always makes me long to travel to distant lands. Someday, I’ll do that. Someday, I’ll travel far away from my present life. I’ll become the master of my own fate and who knows, perhaps the captain of my own […]