Deep Sleeps

deep sleeps

Is there anything more stressful than struggling to fall asleep? When you’ve run out of farmyard animals to count, and the hour can be numbered with a single digit, it seems the longer you lie, the harder it becomes to surrender to unconsciousness. While the first consideration is often physiological, environmental factors could be at […]

Food Affects Mood and Performance

happy and healthy

We are what we eat! Food affects mood and performance more than we’d like to acknowledge. Most of us now live rather busy lives and food, even if prepared at home, is often made in a rush and eaten at an even faster pace.  We tend to settle for easy and available stuff rather than […]

Weekend Wonder Detox

weekend wonder detox

When I came across Weekend Wonder Detox on NetGalley, I didn’t know what to expect. As I started reading it, I was so taken up with the concept and the wealth of information contained in one book. I decided to contact the author, Dr Michelle Schoffro Cook, and she graciously agreed to do an interview […]

The Mission Is Remission


Today is World Cancer Day and I thought it was appropriate that I share a review on a book I just finished reading. Title: The Mission Is Remission: Hope for Battling Cancer Author: Pat Williams ISBN-10: 0757317820 ISBN-13: 9780757317828 Publisher: HCI Books Publication Date: 3/4/2014 Category: Memoir/Cancer/Inspiration When a man who has run 58 marathons and […]