The Still Small Voice | Five Minute Friday

still small voice

I saw her the other day, the woman who had been my ‘best’ friend for years. Now, we don’t acknowledge each other’s presence. And I felt – nothing. In my heart I wished her well, but I know we’ll never be friends again. Too much has happened and we’re very different women now. Sometimes, life asks us […]

Don’t Take Anything Personally


Age and maturity are not necessarily synonymous with each other. I know that from my own responses to events in my life and more importantly, to the words and opinions that I receive. It’s easy to take the words and opinions of people at face value and get hurt or troubled by them.  I know […]

Listen To Your Heart


Voices, opinions Come flooding in “You should have done this…” “You could have done that…” “Why didn’t you say this?” “How could you say that?” “You can’t do that!” You know what the truth is. You know what’s right. The signs speak louder than words. And your heart speaks clearly If only you’d pay heed […]

A Heart So Pure

When I watched global health and development expert Alanna Shaikh‘s TED Talk I was very moved.  Alana spoke about her very real fear of getting Alziehmer’s, as she watched her father deteriorate from this illness.  So Alanna, while taking preventive measures,   has decided that she will prepare herself for it  by changing what she does for […]