The Love Mindset: Book Review

the love mindset

A short while back, Vidya Sury, mentioned that she was reviewing a book called ‘The Love Mindset‘ and gave me a link to the author’s website. I looked at website and was fascinated by the premise of the book and there was just something about the author’s serene face that made me want to read […]

My Happiness Project – February 2014

my happiness project

I had promised that I’d keep you posted on My Happiness Project. Perhaps you’ve noticed that I quietly updated My Happiness Project on the sidebar to February 2014. Let me report my progress or lack of it from January. Some of the main highlights were that I actually went for a walk more than half […]

Imagine It Is Heaven!


When Darla Dollman wrote a short post as part of The Writers’ Post Blog Hop, she raised a great question: How do you show compassion? This made me recall one of Alan Cohen’s stories (yes, yes, I do love the man!) ┬áin his book Deep Breath of Life. He talks about the time he was […]